Managing Tooth Extraction Pain

The biggest reason why many people are hesitant about getting their tooth extracted is the pain involved in the procedure. Most dentists prescribe some over-the-counter medication for general extraction pain. However, your dentist might provide you with some other drugs and coping mechanisms to deal with the pain.

Managing pain during the extraction

In case you require dental extraction in Rockford but are concerned about the process, you must talk to your dentist. The best part about this procedure is that you will be given anesthesia. Therefore, apart from a light pinch of the needle administrating anesthesia, you will not feel any ache or displeasure throughout the procedure.

The amount of anesthesia required for these procedures is not much. However, when it comes to complicated cases, your dentists can ask you to:

·    Administer anesthesia through an IV line in your arm

·    Make use of a sedation pill

·    Inhale general anesthesia

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You can choose whether or not you want to stay conscious during the entire process. Your dentist should administer you the appropriate strength of anesthesia according to your wishes.

Managing pain after the extraction

While the extraction process itself is free of pain, you will start to feel pain after the anesthesia wears off. Your gums will start to produce a painful sensation while making them sore. The gums require some time and attention to heal and stop hurting.

Dentists generally recommend over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen to reduce discomfort. You can also follow some in-home pain management procedures to ease the soreness. Do the following things and heal your gums quickly.

·    Rest your head with a pillow under your head and put an ice pack on your cheek.

·    Keep your head in an elevated position so that that excessive gravitational flow would not accumulate in your gums.

·    Avoid biting on hard food to keep your gums from getting irritated. Rely on soft food and liquids for a few days.

Be Wise

Tooth extraction is undoubtedly a painful procedure. However, the pain should not be the reason why you avoid getting your tooth extracted. Follow a few healthy pain-relieving methods and heal your tooth and gums in no time.